The IADCCT Educational Showcase Programs were established in the late 1990’s.  One of these programs, the “Youth Service Project”  encompasses members working to share their knowledge and services in the ceramic field to any facility or organization devoted to children.  In 2013 this Program was updated to “Service Projects for all Organizations” to incorporate groups of both youth and adults of all ages. Information for all IADCCT Educational Showcase Programs can be found at:


The Southern Stars Chapter sponsors an ongoing youth education program at a local Garden Grove school.  This program was originally created to address two tasks.  The first was to offer students an opportunity to learn about the fired arts.  The second, to perform a community service project aimed at assisting low income senior citizens in the surrounding communities.


The students decorated bisque coffee cups.  After they were glazed and fired, the parents and faculty of the school donated small useful items to fill the cups.  The cups were wrapped and given to the seniors at three senior daycare centers maintained by the SeniorServ organization.  It was such a successful project that the students and faculty suggested that we continue the program.


Consequently, the participating school is expanding their arts program to now include ceramics.  Our Southern Stars Chapter volunteers will continue to work with children ages 6 thru 15 years of age.  This Fall (2015) the Southern Stars volunteers are invited to provide instruction in ceramics and hand built clay projects.  Additionally, there will also be a new ceramics club offered to the students.


Below are pictures of students working on the projects:

Southen Stars Service Projects

Kathy Gabrisch, Project Chair